Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maybe It's Not So Strange After All

Introducing Ms. Arabella Strange Linthicum.

Since I have started living on my own again I have been a little lonely, well a lot lonely really.

I grew up with a Golden Retriever and have thought more than once about getting a dog. The problem is I work too much to make a good doggie parent. I have always heard that cats are more independent, but I have mild allergies so I thought it wouldn't work out. Then I heard about Russian Blues. They are a breed of cat that purports to be less allergenic than other cats.

I adopted Ms. Strange (aka Arabella; Jelly Bella; Bella; Evil Cat, etc.), a Russian Blue mix, two weeks ago from Marley's Cat Tales. Though a welcome addition to the household, she can be somewhat of a handful. She stalks, scratches, bites and tries to disembowel all her toys. Generally she act like all cats do, including lions. Isn't it strange that we intentionally keep animals in our homes? On the other hand she's good company, and she can purr.