Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working Members

It hasn't really been all that long since I left Colchester Farm, but there is just something about taking care of plants you know you will be eating for dinner later. I miss it. While watering the bok choi, I think about stir-fry. Weeding carrots brings to mind the carrot cake I will be enjoying later in the season. I believe the anticipation of meals to come is one of the things that make the CSA model of agriculture valuable.

I believe strongly that CSA farms should require some level of member participation. If you have never seen where your food is growing, how do you feel any ownership for the farm? I am a working member on Oakley Laurel Farm. Once a week I drive out to Castle Hayne and work with Robb Prichard. There we are growing fall crops like bok choi, broccoli, leeks, and, my favorite, brussels sprouts.

Unlike me, other members may not enjoy digging in the dirt, but there are so many ways to participate. Maybe your job could be orienting new members. Maybe you could pick up the boxes and drive them to the distribution site. We choose to be CSA members because we want fresh, local foods. We believe in creating systems of farming that foster values in the physical, social and economic aspects of farming. Shouldn't we see it in action?

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Rachel said...

You make it seem so fun and easy. Makes me want to get out there with you and do some farming'! Unfortunately, I can't even keep a single flower alive. But more power to you and your green thumb and your contribution to the community by providing us with great produce!